Via crucis per simulacri 


Writing and direction Livia Gionfrida

scenes and animations Alice Mangano

drawings Nicola Console

lights Roberto Innocenti

music and sounds  Andrea Franchi

assistant director Giulia Aiazzi


with Livia Gionfrida


set-up director Roberto Innocenti

scene director Marco Serafino Cecchi

head electrician Michele Percopo

animation and photography director Marianne Boutrit

video editing Roberto Losurdo

coordination Rebecca Polidori

produced by Teatro Metastasio in collaboration with Teatro Metropopolare



27th March 2018

Fabbrichino Theatre, Prato 


Gioia is Mary’s way of calling her son, despite the fact that he is her cause of great suffering. It is a timeless love story, the one between a mother and a difficult son. A thick as two short planks boy who decides at a very young age to take the wrong path and in the end to embark on a great challenge that will lead him into the arms of an unfair and paradoxical destiny. In a final reversal of good and bad characters, the bad boy becomes the victim. 

It is a story that has the last ones as protagonists. The trampled.

The representation, the story, are for the mother the only way to try to understand, to reconstruct the facts and to find a reason for the unfair loss suffered.

On stage the Sicilian dialect and the video animations are combined with literary suggestions, religious symbols, news, stories and interviews conducted in prison. The result is an original script that is about universal love, the mystery of life and death and its representation.     



Renzo Francabandera

Valeria Ottoleghi