direction Livia Gionfrida

with Robert da Ponte

assistant director  Giulia Aiazzi

stage designing and costumes Alice Mangano

company repairman Michele Percopo

technical direction Marco Serafino Cecchi

project assistant Paolo Gruni

production Teatro Metropopolare

With the support of Regione Toscana Progetto Teatro in carcere

in collaboration with Casa Circondariale La Dogaia di Prato


Talking Crap, “Talking about nonsense”, comes from the study and reading of the works of Samuel Beckett who in these two years have accompanied the research workshop that Metropopolare conducts inside the male prison in  Prato, coming together with an in-depth work of writing on stage.

The immediate reference goes in particular to the work Krapp’s Last Tape, from which our rewriting takes off and then moves into a story that is the result of a continuous confrontation between director and actor.

The result of this work is a sort of intimate diary, which starts from the experience collected in prison and from the work of the great Irish author and then becomes a metaphor and tragicomic reflection on the fragility of man as in comparison with the machine and on the word that becomes an object to be scratched, a content to be mocked, in a painful relationship full of nostalgia for a distant past in which one could still put trust in it. Here the word disappoints and hurts, and for this reason it is tortured and dismembered,  turned into pure sound, into a childish lament; here we speak about “nonsense”.